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Scientific work presented at the 2nd annual Conference on Aesthetic Medicine, Milan (Italy) Nov2000

R. Vaccari, MD, M. Musillo, MD , F. Pezzoni, MD Andrology Medical and Surgical Center, Milan (Italy)

Surgical Procedures

1. Pubic liposuction

Local anesthetic infiltration, pubic liposuction, and fat processing to prevent it’s reabsorption after peneal lipofilling.

2. Release of the pubo-penile ligament;

The ligament is manually detached from the lateral fibers. Complete cut of ligament after careful hemostasis.

3. Wound clossure;

This is carried out in layers with puboplasty techniques V-Y which allows the pubic skin to advance towards the base of the penis.

4. Penile lipofilling (body fat injection);

5. Post operative guidelines;

The Andropenis System may be used 15 days after operation for a period of 2 months. Being just as important as the surgical stage, with the aim of avoiding serious complications such as penile fibrosis. The Andropenis Device in time provides a gradual enlargement of penis.